Nova Scotia

how to use moodle for teachers

2/10/2014 · Meet The Woman Who Learned That Her Mother Passed As White Megyn Kelly TODAY - Duration: 10:11. TODAY 7,560,188 views ... More

pedicure tools how to use

Shop manicure and pedicure tools at ULTA. Skip the salon and pamper yourself at home with ULTA's selection of kits, buffers, files, slippers and more! Skip the salon and pamper yourself at home with ULTA's selection of kits, buffers, files, slippers and more! ... More

how to write simplified chinese characters

Second, the way Chinese characters represent sounds is complicated and requires much more than learning an alphabet. If you know how to say something, writing is not just a matter of checking how its spelt, you have to learn the individual characters, how they are … ... More

how to use task manager in windows 7

If you use Windows 7 but want the Windows 8 task manager, one of our forum members has a download for you that will give you enhanced task manager for Windows 7 and it is available now. ... More

how to train your dragon timberjack video

Watch How to Train Your Dragon Trailer 3! Browse more than 20,000 videos on and find out our daily video collections. Browse more than 20,000 videos on and find out ... More

how to take a stress test

A stress test is an objective way of determining your exertional capacity. It can be used for many reasons. By far the most common use is to assess the cause for a patient complaint such as chest ... More

how to use water soluble pencils

Water-soluble pencils are versatile cross-over between drawing and painting as the moment you introduce water, the color disperses and you've got paint. I find them particularly useful for sketching, for planning a composition on a canvas, and for traveling. ... More

how to use dishwasher machine

Operating Instructions Dishwasher Save these instructions for future reference Dear ASKO customer! Thank you for choosing this quality product from Scandinavia, which was made in Sweden. We want you to feel assured that the inside of your new machine is just as good as the outside and that the ethics and standards that went into the production of this machine are just as high as the quality ... More

how to wear a slip dress in winter

For winter, you can also layer a slip dress over jeans for something a bit different. In winter I wear my silks with oversized cashmere sweaters and a pair of mules or sneakers and a leather ... More

how to see if it is a suoer like tinder

30/12/2016 · Want unlimited super likes on tinder? Well this is the closest thing to that! Never lose a profile you want to super like again! Enjoy! ... More

how to use bath and body works golden sugar scrub

having recently slept over a friend's house, i used her shower & she generously allowed me to use any of her plethora of bath products. she works at BBW so most of her stuff was from there. i eyed this scrub sitting in her shower & picked it to use. i am already familiar with the lavender vanilla scent BBW has & i think it does have especially ... More

how to use a tagine

Tagine is the Moroccan word that refers to both the conical earthenware vessel and the food prepared in it. The tagine is used for both cooking and serving. ... More

how to stop sony vegas from making sfk files

Unfortunately, we do not know about any sfk to mp4 conversion that would be possible as SFKs are temporary cache files for audio project, not the actual audio file. You will need to export the whole Sony ACID, SoundForge or Vegas project to get your multimedia file. ... More

how to watch downloaded movies on mac

Want to download Netflix videos or movies on Mac or Windows computer? Have been looking for a workable Netflix downloader? Have been looking for a workable Netflix downloader? This article will introduce a Netflix Downloader Mac and Windows version as well as describe a step by step guide on how to download Netflix movies. ... More

how to write a flying minute

It may fly in the face of your tried and true approach, but I’m going to ask you to consider a different tack: Don’t plan. Write. It sounds pretty amateur, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t walk into a business meeting without an agenda, or build a house without blueprints. But I just might mold some clay into a bowl without envisioning the end result. I might sketch a woman I have a vague sense ... More

how to start as a contractor

It is as easy as hiring yourself out as an independent contractor to local businesses that need temporary help. All you need is the right insurance and basic personal protective equipment (PPE). For under $1,000, you could become profitable in just a few days. ... More

bdo how to use workshops

The amount of workshops in production at your EC depends on your prestige. The limit is four. All the necessities can be made, including mash, tax, boxes, other workshops… ... More

how to watch bt tv

Live Channel: BT Sport 3 Our network does support slow and fast internet connections anyways you should have a stable connectivity for any live stream. ... More

grunt tie downs how to use

Grunt Pull Tie Down Strap with quick release is perfect for light duties including bundling, storage and transporting. Overview o Grunt tie downs are a quick, easy and safe way to secure a load ... More

how to set up chess king and queen

Chess symbols text, all chess pieces including king, queen, bishop, knight and pawn symbols text character with letter and number. ... More

how to refresh your mind during study breaks

So, during the short breaks I go on social media usually or watch a short YouTube video. During a long break I watch an episode on Netflix. During a long break I watch an episode on Netflix. Usually I do this for 10-12 hrs so I'll get ab 6-8 hrs of work in. ... More

how to turn off call forwarding android

Forward when unreached: Calls go to a secondary number when your phone is off, in airplane mode, or has no signal. After choosing one of the listed options, go ahead and set the forwarding number. ... More

how to get your videos higher in youtube search

There are several things you can do to optimize your videos to rank highly on both YouTube and in Google search results. The first step to becoming a YouTube marketing pro is creating and optimizing your videos metadata. ... More

how to take pop up blocker off android phone

18/01/2012 · With a rooted phone, you can remove unwanted software, run root-only applications (such as ad blockers), and install other versions of Android … ... More

how to speak old english good morning

A good day to you, Sir or A good morning to you, Robin (or any nickname) were used informally by the gentry and were more likely than the abbreviated forms above to be used by the middling sort and lower in addressing the gentry as well as each other. ... More

how to use cookworks mini oven

Table Top Mini Oven with Hob? This Argos Cookworks mini oven has a light to show power is reaching it and another light to indicate that the electrical ring is on. ... More

how to make beauty products at home to sell

Lotion: With a few relatively low-cost products you can buy at the grocery or craft store, it is possible to make your own lotions. You can make a variety of lotions, even … ... More

how to use fake number on whatsapp

We are produce and researcher the whatsapp using by the fake number and then after we are found the four types of number find in the web which are simply use as a Whatsapp number. so here the step byes perform the all of the activity and define the simple much as possible .and here the more of the experence about using android ... More

how to send marketing email without spamming

There are many software's which are using for bulk emails marketing. its need to do. write your attractive Email and add all bulk Emails in BBC(blind carbon copy) than send it in one shot. ... More

how to use revlon photoready eye art

13/10/2014 · In the beginning of October, I showed you the new Revlon Photoready Eye Art and Kajal Eye Pencil display (click HERE if you missed that post). Right after I posted those pics, I actually found the display at my local Bed Bath & Beyond and purchased one of the Eye Art shadow duos and one of the Kajal Eye Pencils. ... More

how to solve a cone

Full volume and solve for the height and radius of a cone with half the volume V = ! 1 3 πr2h = ! 1 3 π62(16) = 192 π Now using similar triangles, the radius (b) of the less than full cone ... More

how to use a power hand planer on wide boards

Also, keep in mind that a portable planer will only work on stock 3 ? wide, while a bench planer accepts much wider boards (12, 12.5 or 13, depending on the particular planer). Planers are only needed for rough, unmilled lumber ... More

how to show hostname from ip address

14/06/2015 · ip host (hostname of your device).(domain name) (IP ADDRESS OF THAT HOST) HERE is some more sample terminal output to show that after configuration that I was able to ping each host using only the hostname and not the ip address. ... More

how to use bronzer to make your face smaller

A bronzer should only be 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone. Dont go for anything too dark or too strong, as it wont look natural and avoid any orange-based bronzer. Dont go for anything too dark or too strong, as it wont look natural and avoid any orange-based bronzer. ... More

how to deregister apple watch

Enter the 6-digit code Apple sent to you in the field at the deregister page above to confirm deregistration of your iPhone. Either of the sets of steps laid out above should deregister your iPhone, and allow you to receive SMS text messages from iPhone users. ... More

how to stop people from tagging you on facebook

People Recognition automatically finds the people in your photos and makes it easy for you to tag them. Once you begin using the feature it learns to recognize the faces youve already tagged and will automatically tag new photos with those faces. ... More

how to write email asking for a reference

Asking for a letter of recommendation solely over email could be interpreted as impersonal, distant, and less mature, an impression you don't want to make in the mind of a recommender. I also wouldn't recommend asking during class time, but instead find time during a free period, after school, or whenever the teacher has free time to meet. ... More

how to use slim ps3 on dell laptop monitor

You have 3 options. 1. If your monitor has a HDMI port, then you can use a HDMI cable to directly link the PS3 to the monitor. This is pretty much the best option. ... More

how to use a training dummy wow

You can use self-defense training dummies for a variety of martial arts practice. Self-defense dummies are available from martial arts suppliers, but you can make your own self defense training dummy inexpensively and easily in your own home. ... More

how to write a profit loss statement

Review the income statement report to understand the overall performance, profit or loss, of a business in a given period. Basically, it comprises of the following: Revenue = This account will show you the amount of sales derived in a given period. ... More

how to travel with a baby vsr hire

Baby car seats (capsules) in hire cars 14 Apr. 2013, 5:33 pm We are travelling to Australia for 5 weeks with our 9 months old, and would like to know if we should bring our UK car seat. ... More

how to set up moto g5

Learn to set up Wi Fi on your LG G5 in this video. See the steps to connect to a Wi-Fi network on your LG G5 from Verizon. ... More

how to stop snoring and moaning at night

The easiest way to distinguish snoring from catathrenia is that snoring occurs while inhaling, and groaning while exhaling. A careful examination of a partners breathing pattern in conjunction with the noises should be able to clarify which of the two it is. ... More

how to calculate net work done on an object

The net work is the work done by the net force acting on an object. Work done on an object transfers energy to the object. The translational kinetic energy of an object of mass moving at speed is . ... More

how to use foxpro software

Foxpro its the best to this, you need to build a real quick working application with Databases you can use foxpro with MySQL, SQL or using the DBF for very small projects. Mobile applications? , in every table with Windows mobile, a foxpro application can run as its does in any Computer with Windows. ... More

how to write an edict

Have a definition for Edict Of Nantes ? Write it here to share it with the entire community. ... More

lansinoh nipple shield how to use

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Lansinoh Contact Nipple Shields with Case (24mm Large) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. ... More

how to send scanned documents to a folder

these publically scanned documents for future use or access. “E-MAIL” allows you to scan a document and send it from your default email account to a list of email accounts you will select later. “SCAN TO FOLDER” allows the user to scan documents to a hard drive accessible via any DPW intranet connection. GUESTS: Select the “SCAN TO FOLDER” option only. The other two options are ... More

how to use fms logo

Using MSW Logo for Windows. Click Here to view Logo Procedures for pcLogo. The Logo procecures listed here create an animate helicopter with action color and sound to provide a perfect illustration of geometry concepts. ... More

how to work out power factor

Though not part of the original theory, in later years, we have also attributed the Power factor to Ohm as well. Power is usually abbreviated by (W) and measured in Watts. The formula generally given for Power … ... More

how to take wild yam

STUDY DATA: Wild Yam Cream did not have a major effect on menopause symptoms In 2001, a wild yam cream was tested on 23 women to test it’s effectiveness for menopause symptoms. The women used the wild yam cream for 3 months and then a placebo cream for 3 months, or vice versa. ... More

how to use pumpkin for face

Pumpkin is no longer just an ingredient you use to make pies on Thanksgiving. When you're carving a jack-o'-lantern on Halloween, you're probably not thinking about the skin-care benefits of pumpkin. ... More

how to wear sling after rotator cuff surgery

Rotator cuff repairs, labral repairs, acromioplasties, and shoulder replacement surgeries are performed on countless patients every day in the United States. Although rehabilitative protocols differ depending on the surgery, there is one common complaint shoulder patients have regardless of the type of surgery. ... More

how to watch sky sports 2 online for free

Pack 2 All the live action you can handle on Sky Sports plus Sky Sports News & Sky Sports F1™. Here’s what you get: Sky Sports Premiere Laegue Sky Sports Football Sky Sports Cricket Sky Sports Golf Sky Sports F1 Sky Sports Action Sky Sports Arena Sky Sports News Sky News All this for just £10.99 / €13.99 a month. Cancel anytime. No contract. Watch exclusive live coverage of the greatest ... More

how to use ellians material detector

... More

how to make clothes see through in photoshop

10/08/2010 · I make objects and things for a three D world named Kaneva. I make it in google sketch up and would like to make some see through floors and objects,even windows I would like to make.But how do I make it see through.Please help. PS most of the people are using Gimp with paint shop. I love using paint and would like to continue using paint with sketchup. ... More

how to take crime scene photos

27/09/2016 · A very simplified overview for High School Students on Forensic Crime Scene Photography. ... More

how to use spot removal pen

Cover the stain with a generous portion of Amodex, then use a toothbrush to work it into the fabric while being careful not to spread the stain. The ink will gradually come out and get soaked up ... More

how to use voice speak in words

To use the commands, select the cells that you want to be read then click the Speak Cells button. The computer voice will speak the values of the cells you selected. BY default, it will read them by rows. ... More

how to use sage 50

28/08/2011 I currently have an iMac and would like to run Sage 50 Accounts on it. Sage is not Mac compatible and so needs to run from a Windows environment. ... More

how to stop whatsapp saving photos on huawei p10

If you use the Messenger app WhatsApp on the Samsung Galaxy S6, then all the pictures that you have received in the WhatsApp messages automatically appear in the gallery. Should you get pictures of your friends or acquaintances, you want to hide when you open the gallery on your Samsung Galaxy S6 ... More

how to complete level 11 in use boxmen

Float switch level measurement is a simple and cost-effective solution for point level detection in liquids. Liquifloat works as pump protector or level alarm in open basins. Liquifloat works as pump protector or level alarm in open basins. ... More

how to stay cool on a hot night

Knowing how to keep cool during long periods of hot weather can help save lives. Public Health These temperatures can have a significant effect on people's health if they last for at least 2 days and the night in between. Although you don't need to take any immediate action, follow these steps in preparation: Stay tuned to the weather forecast on the radio, TV or social media, or the Met ... More

how to use excel sheet as database in android

To create a new Excel datasheet use the "Create Table" SQL command. If the workbook specified in the connection string dose not exists, it will be created too. If it exists then the command will create a datasheet with the specified name. ... More

how to connect v smile to tv

The V Smile TV Learning System Plus Joystick includes a built in writing pad and stylus. The joystick with writing pad works on both the original V.Smile and the New V.Smile TV Learning System, and can be used to take advantage of newer Smartriges that use the writing pad functionality in games. The V Smile Smart Keyboard is a PC-like keyboard that can be connected to a V.Smile System console ... More

how to start using gi bill

Others decide to start a franchise and become job creators," said Griffin. "My bill would help these veterans in that effort by giving them the freedom to use their hard earned GI Bill benefits for education and training for franchise ownership." ... More

how to turn off deskscapes

6/07/2012 · Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers attempt to trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. ... More

how to start a fire in a fireplace with coal

the fire may start to 'smoke' sigificantly i.e plumes of smoke entering room rather than go up the chimney hence the reason why the gasfire was fitted. You may need to have a woodburning stove fitted if you cannot get enough draft to form convection. ... More

how to use here maps in igo

8/06/2018 My unit came with iGo maps pre-installed which I do like/use and want to retain it after the update. To my surprise, I can't really find any info online about how to copy the maps to SD card. I actually created an account here just to ask this question since I can't manage to find it on the interwebz. I figure it must be so easy to do that it's essentially obvious and people simply don't ask ... More

how to set up a marine aquarium

Set Up Marine Aquarium Setting up a marine aquarium is the final point of aquarist because it seems difficult and demanding. Its not same with growing a freshwater fish up. ... More

how to use insulin pen handout

The only prefilled insulin pen with no push-button extension. Please see Important Safety Information throughout brochure and on pages 16-17. Also see Prescribing Information following the brochure, which contains full Instructions For Use. 7. 8. Managing your diabetes isn’t what it used to be. With Levemir ® D. FlexTouch ®, there’s no need for vial and syringe. Compare 1 box of 5 ... More

how to use intel es processors

Intel discontinued the use of part numbers such as 80486 in the marketing of mainstream x86-architecture microprocessors with the introduction of the Pentium brand in 1993. However, numerical codes, in the 805xx range, continued to be assigned to these processors for internal and part numbering uses. The following is a list of such product codes in numerical order: ... More

how to work a t m debit card overseas

A £1.50 fee applied by Barclays, on top of the 2.75% non-sterling transaction fee, for using your debit card abroad when getting cash over the counter at a bank (including Barclays), or using an ATM other than a Barclays cash machine or cash machine that’s a Global Alliance member bank . ... More

how to write the letter x

If you are eligible for parole in Texas, the following tips for writing a letter of support to the Parole Board can help you make parole. The Parole Panel reviews the offender’s support letters before or during the parole review process. ... More

how to take stunning photos

2. SELF-TIMERS ARE YOUR FRIENDS Count to 10, suck in that gut, hide your phone remote, aaaaand #NAILEDIT // Wolwedans, Namibia. Self-timers work great when youve got a place to yourself, or youve got a lot of time to kill. ... More

how to set your car up for a circuit

If you need to find an ignition switched fuse, make sure to have your key in the vehicle so you can test that the fuse is off when the car is turned off but turns on and stays on as soon as your car is in a key-on position. If the fuse stays lit up even after you turn off the car, try to use a different fuse slot. If a fuse is not lit up while the car is off, do not assume that it is an ... More

how to use horse manure

Composting is a relatively new idea for most horse farms, but one that makes a great deal of sense. Composting speeds up the natural decay process, transforming manure into a nearly odorless, nutrient-rich, time-release fertilizer. ... More

how to stay awake when falling asleep

Has anyone got any tips how to stay awake, besides necking redbull before, and stabbing my hand with a sharp pencil during a meeting? ... More

how to use silverlight on mac safari

The company claims that this adjustment may help improve the browsing experience of the latest Safari 10 browser version. Nevertheless, the plugin will not be blocked completely. The users will still be able to enable Silverlight on specific websites and specific sessions. This does not shield users from potential Silverlight download or update failures, though. Thus, software malfunctions may ... More

how to use double driver

Although double clutching is a testing requirement when obtaining a commercial driver's license, most experienced truckers learn to shift gears without using the clutch. This is known as floating gears or float shifting , with the clutch needed only during starting and stopping. ... More

how to turn of automatic updates windows 10

Although Windows 10 Professional used to allow users more control over updates (prior to the Anniversary edition), it is now just as difficult to prevent automatic updates in it as it is in the Windows 10 Home version. Because of this, most of the methods we discuss will be options for Windows Pro or Home users unless otherwise noted. ... More

how to take screenshots of snapchats without them knowing

Snapchat encrypts files in such a way that only the proper Snapchat application can view the images or videos, and any time the phone receives the command to take a screenshot (whether it’s from ... More

how to sell shoes fast

23/04/2017 · How to Sell Shoes. Author Info. wikiHow is a wiki similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written collaboratively. To create this article, 12 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 32,310 times. Learn more... In this Article: Article Summary Selling Shoes in Person Selling Shoes Online Closing a Sale … ... More

how to set up your rucksack

When you realise that the bloody thing is full up and you only have a quarter of the things in there, kick it very hard, curse the fact that its all my fault and that I have obviously got it wrong about how to pack a backpack, give up on the idea of going off travelling and then break down in tears. How to pack a backpack can be a tricky affair. Stage three Dry your eyes and re-read the ... More

how to stop parental controls on mac

3. K9 Web Protection. K9 Web Protection has three notable features: filtering, monitoring and time restrictions. The filtering function which can block out entire categories of content improves on your Macs built-in Parental Controls function, which only blocks out specified sites and applications. ... More

how to take off ziptie without breaking it

At the next step of “how to take off acrylic nails without breaking real nails”, all you have to do is file the nails. It will help you to smooth the nails and to ensure that the acrylic nails are completely removed. ... More

how to use paypal mobile

HOW TO USE PAYPAL Commissioner’s Perspective PayPal similarly works as an email alert system for a registering team. With the new mobile friendly layout of, teams can now be approved with much more convenience! HOW TO USE PAYPAL . Title: HOW TO REGISTER AN UMPIRE Version 1.04 Rev 2014.01 Author: Devin Loehrs Created Date: 2/23/2017 12:25:37 PM ... More

how to take off rev limiter

17/05/2015 · De-restricting/ Removal Top Speed Limiter. Hi Can anyone advise me if it is possible to have the speed limiter removed? I live in Scotland UK, but my friends and I are about to take a ... More

how to train for srcum rugby! ! ! 1! Core Scrum What is Scrum? Scrumis!the!leading!Agile!product!development!framework.!It!provides!a! ... More

how to store solar energy for later use

Before we get into the types of batteries, a little history: before homes started connecting their solar panels to the utility grid through the grid-tied inverter (the most common set-up for rooftop solar now, allowing for net metering), all solar energy systems were effectively off-grid. That meant that before the 1990s, anyone using home solar had to use battery backup. ... More

how to turn off water to sprinkler system rain bird

The first step to an easy and efficient sprinkler system start up actually starts before winter. Our professionals take care of winterizing your system by shutting down the main water and forcing compressed air through the valves, lines and heads to make sure your system won’t freeze and break. This is crucial to your success with irrigation start up. ... More

how to kill myself using a retort stand

Use your own coping strategies: List things that you can do on your own to help you not act on urges to harm yourself. Socialize with others who may offer support as well as distraction from the crisis : List people and social settings that may help take your mind off of difficult thoughts or feelings. ... More

how to wear a black cardigan with jeans

Caitlin is wearing black skinny jeans with a white cami and oversized boyfriend cardigan, finishing the look with leopard print pumps and a leather handbag. Cardigan: Julie Vos, Bag: Celine. Amy Jackson wears black skinny jeans with stilettos and a plain vest to create a simplistic, flattering style. ... More

how to start a podcast on iphone

For those that listen to podcasts, you know how valuable and convenient they can be in consuming content. Whether it's staying up on the latest marketing trends, tips for managing your finances or simply to provide entertainment value, podcasts deliver. Podcasting can be a valuable tool in building ... More

how to level up jack stand

A lifting jack is an important tool when you are doing an extensive home remodeling project. When you are involved in any type of heavy lifting, like leveling off a basement, or holding up a porch, a lifting jack … ... More

how to remove search toolbar from google chrome

Uninstall Google Extension Using Customize and Control Click the Customize and control menu icon on the Google Chrome toolbar and then More tools . Navigating to More Tools ... More

how to wear a watch that is too big

6/07/2010 · Re: What do you do when a bracelet is too big... I'll either wear it loose or change it to rubber strap. Used to go leather but i realised i seldom wear those with leather then it became clear that i don't like my watches on leather cos they are not as durable. ... More

how to tell which amino acids are polar

The polar and nonpolar chemical traits allow amino acids to point towards water (hydrophilic) or away from water (hydrophobic). The growing chains can then … ... More

how to set up a host name with digitalocean

The DNS server names are:,, Next, in the DigitalOcean's admin panel in the Networking/Domains section, you need to provide two domains and choose the droplet that you created previously. You need to provide your domains names. In our case, we need to provide ... More

how to set up concrete foundation forms

As the premier manufacturer and distributor of concrete formwork products, Wall-Ties & Forms has developed the Concrete Foundation System for contractors specializing in concrete foundation work. Regardless of the application, from simple structures to the most complex custom homes, our Concrete Foundation System will meet your needs. ... More

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how to walk in the precursor basin

14/12/2018 · Another basin of geothermal wonders within walking distance of Old Faithful and the upper geyser basin. Even better when you go a bit further and walk to the extraordinary Mystic Falls. Even better when you go a bit further and walk to the extraordinary Mystic Falls.

how to stop queefing after intercourse

When done rigorously the air accumulates and eventually at some stage during or after intercourse the women lets out a ripper vart and then dies on the inside from severe humiliation. The upside of the queef is it has no smell.

tafe learning how to use powerpoint

TAFE Queensland offers entry-level certificates to bachelor degrees. Learn more about our flexible range of study options, giving you the option to study your way. Learn more about our flexible range of study options, giving you the option to study your way.

how to start a podcast pat flynn

Check out this FREE Mini-Course by Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income to start a podcast in 3 days. That should get you on your way to having a killer podcast that will help you reach your business goals.

how to turn finance lease and operating lease

Introduction. A finance (or capital) lease is equivalent to a lessees purchase of an asset that is directly financed by the lessor. An operating lease, on the other hand, is an agreement allowing a lessee to use an asset for a period of time.

how to get your videos higher in youtube search

When you blog about your video, make the blog title the same as the video title and make sure the title tag of your page matches the title of the blog post and video. When ranking videos, Google primarily considers the match between search keywords and the video title. Google likes it when the title tag of the page matches the title of the video, and will give a higher weighting for results

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England: Margate ENG, Preston ENG, Bolton ENG, Southampton ENG, Stockton-on-Tees ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 2A2

Northern Ireland: Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Belfast NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Derry(Londonderry) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 1H6

Scotland: Hamilton SCO, Glasgow SCO, Livingston SCO, Hamilton SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 3B7

Wales: Swansea WAL, Barry WAL, Swansea WAL, Barry WAL, Barry WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 9D3